Monday, November 2, 2009

What we have been doing....

We are potty training!

Sorry we haven't been in the blogging world lately...we just have been so busy! With what you might ask? We are potty training at this house...which takes all hands on deck. Kena was ready so we decided to take the 'leap' and really start working on potty training. Kena will be starting preschool in a year and the kiddos HAVE to be able to use the potty. This give us the allowed time...pacing ourselves for your normal 'set backs'.

Of course, we run into the issue of....Kena being very stubborn. Her quote "I do it myself" is constantly being used. She pulls up the stool (yes, she is short like her mother...but I don't need to use a stool), puts her own potty on and takes off the pants. Most of the time we just let her do it.

Now, we will reveal what 'method' we are using for Kena, once she is potty trained.

I want to give a thanks to Auntie Melissa for capturing all her glory.