Sunday, July 11, 2010

Did this happen to any of you?

Ok this is going to be more of a Rant then a Rave....

I got married almost six years ago to the most amazing man ever and I am very blessed by that. That, however is NOT my rant.

I went to Seattle Pacific University for two years, while there I did live in the dorms there. Emerson, being brand new, on three different floors over the two years I was there. I made some great friends, friends I thought would be with me for a long time. I met Adam Winter of my second year at SPU. My friends loved him and I thought he fit in quite nicely.

We got engaged the following Fall (I was already unenrolled in SPU...and going to a community college)...then got married the Fall after that. All of those friends attended my wedding and some of them even served as Bridesmaids. Even my maid of honor was a SPU friend.

Once we got married and settled in, we hosted a few parties at our appartment...just steps away from the SPU campus where most of them lived. I visited there too, however it was hard for me since I was working a full time job and Adam was going to school and working also.

And stopped.

The hanging out stopped...they didn't emails.

We moved to Bothell a year after we got married and lost contact completely. Its not like we weren't a drive away.

Here is my question...when you got married, did you lose friends? Or big events in your life where you thought you would have those friends and now they have disappeared?

I am sad because I do see them still get together on facebook...They are my friends on facebook too so its nice to see how their lives are turning out.

I have kept in contact with one, Melissa W, who is just wonderful. Also I kept in touch with Derek by reading his wife's adorbs blog.

The Rave part of this....I LOVE my friends now. They are absolutely the best people out there. Adam and I are continuely blessed by. But there is always something in the back of my head that wonders, what the heck happened there?

We are blessed by those friends that come by to hang out...neighbors that watch out for you and your children. I have fanastic "mom" friends, a "photography" buddy that helps me with questions, my "post partumn depression friends", a fab "forever" friend that seriously is more like a sister than a friend, my "gossip" friend(s)...I have everything that a girl can ask for.

So really this is more of a Rave...because I have such great friends.