Tuesday, September 8, 2009

An Awesome, awesome giveaway!

I have wanted one of these shirts...for like...EVER.

Over at My Wee View they are giving one of these "My Husband Rocks" t-shirts to one lucky winner (I am crossing my fingers!!!). I have to win it...the contest ends on my 5 year aniversary!!!

Union28 (the company that makes them) are an awesome Christian company with shirts that tells whats in your heart. For the hubbys there is "My wife rocks" and for the kiddos they can choose from "my mom rocks" or "my dad rocks". You can also find "bride/groom" shirts there if you know someone who is getting married. They also have some wonderful miltary wife shirts (like "my husband is my hero" in a camo shirt).

So go on over to My Wee View and check out there Union28 giveaway! Remember contests ends on 9/18 (again, my 5 year aniversary!!!)


April said...

This tee is so cute ... I must have one, too!! :o)