Thursday, September 17, 2009

WHOA! Big Changes at the Cross Household...

This is a BIG week at the Cross household...and its only Thursday.

This week we unexpectedly gave up the binky. I mean Kena gave up the binky. Why unexpectedly you ask...because I lost the only freak'n binky we had. We lost it some time in the morning (flushed down the toilet? in the garbage? buried in play clothes?) and well...I decided thats it, NO binky. I started to talk to her early that day about what will happen at nap time and bed time. We didn't promise her anything (ok, chocolate milk after she woke up the night after) and Adam and I agreed that we were going to brace ourselves for the longest night we will have. Nap went, well crappy. Kena is a marathon sleeper, so an hour nap is not normal. Awesome, cranky Kena for the rest of the day...and no binky.

So came the night. Yes it wasn't fun, but it was needed. And we are day three of no binky. If she makes it one more night sleeping...she gets a matchbox car (she is reallllly easy to please).

Kena got to wear big girl undies yesterday...and stayed dry! Adam thinks she could be out in public in undies...and I said "Go ahead and take her! I am not going!". We have some things to do this morning, but she will be back in undies once we get home.

Kena is much. Yes she has been talking for awhile, but this is full on conversations. And my gosh...her imagination is huge! Yesterday, after my bike ride, Adam and I just sat and watched Kena play. Putting Elmo, Mickey, Minnie and Baby to bed. Then giving them a bath in her sink of her 'kitchen'. She cracks herself up as she plays. I have no idea what she is saying (because I am in the other room), but all I hear is giggles from the other room.

...I frankly think this is the best age ever....


Kjerste said...

We are having so much fun with this age, too. Isn't it the best?!

Where did you find big girl panties that were small enough for a small bum. Seems like no one potty trains until 3T, and Kaiya is barely in 18mo. clothes. That is the one major thing holding me back from potty training at the moment - - nothing to put her in!