Monday, October 13, 2008

It All Started With a Hat...

Since Kena was born (ok, maybe not quite then), I always wanted to get her a knitted 'pumpkin' hat. Last year Kena was so tiny that she would not have fit in any hats! So this year I was determined to get her a hat!!

My first stop was I LOVE that website and love to contribute to the 'handmade' cause. However the price range was way out of my reach. I was only hoping to pay like 7-10 dollars for this hat, but most ran into the 15-20 dollar range.

Next stop, ebay. And I found it...a adorable pumpkin hat in my price range! It is gymboree and a little bit bigger than I wanted it, but the good thing is she might fit it next year!

So enjoy the 'fall' postings with Kena in her hat!