Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So to save money and get creative, I decided to make Kena's Christmas dress. Now, I am not sure if Christmas dresses are as big of a deal in your family, but in sure is. Most dresses are to expensive, plus we will be in Hawaii for the Holidays so we don't want something too warm for her. Yes I still have a month and half until december, but the good stuff is out now. I searched on ebay and found....the pillowcase dress. I looked on etsy...the pillowcase dress. To make sure I picking out a good dress, I then forward a link to Adam (my fashionista hubby). Approved! But he added..."why don't you make it? It looks simple!" AHA! You are right, it does look simple!

So I called up my mother in law to make a unplanned trip to Joann's and Pacific Fabric. Didn't find much at Joann's (come on get your ish together Joann!) but fell in LOVE with the fabric's at Pacific Fabric. The yummy colors and patterns...LOVE IT! I couldn't find the exact pattern I was looking for, but found the perfect mix of polka dots/stripes in Christmas colors. And to finish it off we will have ties in a beautiful red color. Besides being side tracked beyond belief, we walked out of there with tons of ideas (and oh my goodness they had an abundance of monkey fabric there!!!). And all within our budget for her dress!

So if you don't know what a pillowcase dress is here is a picture...not the one I will make, but similar...

Wish me luck!!!


Yahaira said...

Interesting post..! Last week, I found some really great fabric at Joann