Thursday, October 2, 2008

Listen to the music...

As some of you know or have read on previous blogs, I am obbessed with music. One thing Adam and I wanted is not raise Kena on that annoying 'kids' music. The only one I think is 'ok' is Raffi, simply because it brings me back to my childhood. So I am ALWAYS searching for fun/funky/crazy music for Kena to listen to.

On my searches I found "Snacktime" by The Barenaked Ladies. Awesome, funny, silly songs that are cute and I can stand it. Songs titled "Allergies", "789" and "Bad Day" along with Ed and Steven's commentary is hilarous.

Now, if you want to really step out of the kiddie music, Kimya Dawson (moldy peaches/Juno soundtrack) has come out with a children's cd "Alphabutt". Now if you are ok with your kids listening to songs about 'farts and butts' then this cd is for them. When adam and I listen to this we are instantly children again, laughing at words like 'farts', 'butts', 'doodoo'. Sometimes you can hear me singing "A is for apple, B is butt, C is for cat butt, D is for doo doo." Yes totally inapporate but so funny. Her daughter, Panda (yes that is her name) is mention many times as you know she is the reason for this cd.

If these CD's are just too 'gross' for you. Then try an all time fav...Jack Johnson's Curious George Soundtrack. You will NOT be disappointed. It will take you the islands where you can relax!