Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What on Earth...

As I am writing this I am watching the Today Show. They are doing a segment on "My Fake Baby- Reborn babies". All I gotta say...are you kidding? These women are saying that it fills a 'hole in their motherly need'. Hey, here's an idea...adopt. There is plenty of children out there that need to be cuddled, loved, changed their diapers, and feed them. Some of the women collect them and thats ok. They are needing them for filling a void. Or here is another idea, go to a hosptial where there are drug affected babies and hold them. They need to be held! And give the $1000.00 you would have paid for the doll and give to the hosptial.

Here is a link to the today show's article on "Reborn Babies"

The BBC is showing their documentary today on "Reborn Babies". Ahhh the BBC and the crazy things they do!

Sorry, just had to talk about this!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sara,
I discovered your blog through Kristin S.'s and I am hooked, we met through Melissa W. at SPU. Loved this post, I thought the same thing after seeing that segment.