Sunday, November 30, 2008

Downtown Seattle.

Ok, we were totally stupid. We went DOWNTOWN Seattle the day after Thanksgiving. Yes, stupid. But we HAD to, seriously. Adam's marathon expo was in the Westin, downtown Seattle which we had to go to. We thought we would go late afternoon, after Kena's nap, right before the second wave of shoppers. Then maybe, we could stay for the famous tree lighting/ Macy's star/ Fireworks at 5pm. So...right? Sounds like a plan. Um...not so much. TOO many people were downtown (recession? really? not downtown seattle!). We went to the expo (which was totally fun and would inspire anyone to be a runner) then off to do a little downtown exploring. We went to our favorite Seattle shopping mall- Pacific Place*(there will be a story later on). It was freak'n packed! Yeah right! We tired to go through Restoration Hardware and couldn't get through the freak'n doors. We decided it was too warm inside so lets do some more 'exploring' outside. Well, that was PACKED too! Too many people. And by the way...they weren't very nice. So we hung around the 'tree' for awhile, then decided...forget it, lets go home. We made it home just in time to see it on tv.

Here are some pictures of our day in Seattle.

Adam signing the American Cancer Society Charity Runner's Banner!

Adam raised $2,100 for Cancer Research in Dale Annis' honor.

Kena listening to the amazing street dummer.

Gotta have the sweet protesters.

These protesters drive Adam crazy (well me too)...

Believing in God is about loving others...not blaming them or punishing them

And then the "buy more stuff" people. I didn't buy lay off.

Little Miss Independent.

The Westlake Tree

The Nutcracker Truck. How cool is that??

*Ok, here is my side story. We were at Pacific Place walking around with my camera in hand. As we were walking I looked up to see a tall, red haired, pale skin man...oh crap...that is the lead singer of "Queen of the Stone Age", Josh Homme. Seriously. I leaned into Adam whispered my foundings and of course Adam could careless. I stupidly put my camera back in my bag...yes! That was stupid. (fyi, that is a picture of him if no one knows what he looks like. I would have had my own picture know.) I swore up and down that that was really him. I texted my bro, with no return message. one is going to believe me. So for the rest of the night, I kept on saying "I SWEAR that was him! The lead singer of Queen of the Stone Age." Once we came home, we looked him up on the internet (Adam didn't know what he looked like) and Adam then...well disagreed with me. I called my father/brother. Bro confirmed that Josh does live in the Seattle area...SWEET! Score one for me. Now only if I saw Joel McHale that night......