Sunday, November 30, 2008

Marathon Day!

Today was the Seattle Marathon. We are so proud of Adam! He finished the race...INJURED! Yes, he hurt himself around mile 7, however he is so amazing he finished the race. Adam's girls were so proud of him today. He is going to see the doc about his hip this week, then he can get on board for training for another one.
I made Kena a shirt that said "RUN DAD RUN" and boy did she wear it proudly! She was so amazed by her dada!
Also, thank you Auntie Melissa for taking the wonderful pictures after the race!!!
It was VERY foggy in Seattle this morning!
American Cancer Society Charity Runners
Adam getting ready for the run
Kena loved walking around.
She also loved sitting in front of the porta pottys

Waiting for Adam- Donna (dale's Wife), Wyatt and JW (Dale's grandsons), Alice and Kena

We spot HIM!

Lots of waiting goes by.....

Go Adam! We are SO proud of you!

Dada, I am so proud of you!

Wait? Did Kena run the Marathon????

Apparently she thinks so.



YEAH Adam! What a huge accomplishment you made today! We are all so very proud :)