Monday, November 17, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I was 'tagged' weeks ago and totally forgot about (and it took a long time to think of 7 random facts) by my friend Suzi. So here it goes, some of you might know the 7 facts about me, some of you might not.
1. My mother, my father and brother play gituar, I am the only one who doesn't know how to play. It makes me jealous.
--1 1/2. I get jealous very easily.
2. I had major stomach surgery when I was in highschool at Children's Hosptial.
3. I went to College to Major in History, I wanted to teach about WWII/Holocaust History. I have a passion to tell the story so that it may never repeat its self (sadly it already is).
4. I then decided to switch Majors...Sociology. I love helping people (I even took an internship at DSHS in the Child Welfare Unit, I worked with CPS. I observed supervised visits between children and their parents. Then I reported back to their case workers. It was the most amazing internship). I never finished college.
5. Mullets make me gag..seriously they make me want to throw up.
6. I used to dance (ballet, jazz, tap) and I was damn good. Then I quit to play basketball, what the hell was I thinking?
7. I hate socks, I RARELY wear them. Yes, even in winter.
There you go...7 werid facts. Now its my turn to pick....
Kelli Estes @ ladies, its your turn!!!!


Anonymous said...

i did it! :)

Kelli Estes said...

I did it, too! :-)