Thursday, May 8, 2008


So, I am exhausted and of course Makena is not. Last night Adam had to stay up at the cabin on Camano Island (sorry mom...we couldn't make it up) because...well to make a long story kinda short, he lost the key to the cabin and had to stay the night until Phil (the owner) was able to get up there and lock up the cabin. He gave himself until dark to find the key (which might be under a pile of dirt, 3 feet deep) so I didn't have time to get Kena packed for a fun night at the Cabin (that is why we couldn't make it mom).

It was just the girls at the Cross household last night. I had my knitting, a glass of wine and Friends DVDs in for a quiet night (Kena fell asleep at 7pm). Boy, was I wrong. What I should have done was fall asleep the same time Kena did. Kena woke up 4 times last night, one time at 2am screaming. Come to find out it was a wet diaper, but normally Kena is easy going about that stuff. She woke up promptly at 6:01am this morning, yes right on the dot. I don't sleep well while Adam is gone, so I was going on little sleep. She woke up with a runny nose, crap! So to speed up to now, 11am she hasn't taken a nap and we think she is teething. Thank goodness for Ellen (we are watching it right now) and she loves to dance with her.

Exhausted, that I am. How I keep going, right now I have NO idea. My house is trashed and we are still in our jammies. And I hear my bed calling my name, but I can't answer it right now.