Monday, May 5, 2008


Makena was sick a couple of days ago, we thought it was the chicken poxs but it was a bad case of ezcema. Kena has been exposed twice to the poxs and so far hasn't gotten it. But Princess day is when she is sick and gets whatever the heck she wants. So I set up the "princess chair" and let her eat snacks-puffs-out of a bowl while in her seat. Let me remind you this is the first time she ate anything out of a bowl.

So, it started nice and clean, one puff in the mouth. Then two, four, big handfulls. Kena decided that was way to slow so she dumped the whole bowl of puffs in her mouth....needless to say, this picture was taken before that incident. And yes that is elmo...shut up.


Kjerste said...

Hope she's doing better already. You're such a good mom, Sarah.