Wednesday, May 28, 2008


As you might have read in past blogs, music is really important to our family. I am the only one on my side of the family that doesn't play guitar and my brother is a musical genius. That is Tyler's guitar Kena is holding in the picture. We LOVE music, rarely do we listen to 'children's music' because, well I can't stand most of it. Raffi (because really he is a hippie and has good messages in his songs) and Recess Monkey (a local Seattle band) are what we listen to. If she needs to calm down we will listen to 'Rockabye Baby' coldplay or Queens of the Stone Age. But I rather pop in some David Grey and have her listen to that. The other day I was talking to her "auntie" Liz (Brown) telling her that Kena LOVES her music. We both said, she will play the drums almost at the same time. I think its great that others find that 'crazyness' in Kena. She is also so laid back that she gets excited to hear Jack Johnson, which of course is one of my favorites also. There is this song called 'Banana Pancakes' that is so sweet. It talks about why do all those things you have to do (work, laundry, etc) when the world is right there in your arms. I can't wait for our trip to Hawaii to have Kena experence Banana Pancakes at a little restraunt in Maui.

Kena rarely goes into the nursery at church, its not because we are lazy, its because she loves the music too much. She will dance on top of the chairs, I feel it is her special way of praising the Lord. Of course she has her favorite songs normally with a loud drum. Once the music stops and Pastor dan speaks she starts to cry that is our que to take her into the nursery.
Really there wasn't much of a point to this blog, sometimes I just have to blab!


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