Thursday, May 15, 2008


The sun did finally come out, after many hours of checking out the window to see if the sun was peeking. Kena and I got a late start this morning, but because I had a fussy child or I didn't take a shower. It was because most of Kena's clothes did not fit her. Let me rephrase that, Kena is in a werid size. Since she so short and a little chubby, either clothes will fit her in length and can't get over her head or belly. Or some things will fit over her head, then are massively long. I went through three outfits before I threw my arms up and decided to just put her in comfy clothes. I guess its time to go through her clothes again. UGH!

We did end up going to the pool, but we didn't go in. I took pictures of Kena, Noah and Livvy which I will post later. There will be more pictures taken tomorrow...