Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Crying gets the sad out of you...

(that line is from one of Kena's songs)

Adam came home last night from climbing to a sobbing mess of a woman cuddled in the bed with the laptop on her lap. I am totally hooked on these blogs, peeking into other's lives. It can range from finding advice to finding out what to be truly thankful for.

One of the blogs is from a mother, whose husband is in the Christian band "Selah" who has been on the battlefield. While they were pregant with with their 4th child (I think), they found out that their baby girl had a very low percentage of living. The doctor advised them to 'terminate' the pregnancy, which they felt was wrong (God blessed them with this little girl for a reason). Well this blog tells the story of an incredibitly strong family. Check out their blog and watch the video, listen the beautiful song, read the words and the realize why I was a sobbing mess....
I also love the name of their blog...'bring on the rain'


Kjerste said...

Thanks so much for passing that blog along. I bawled like a baby. It made me so thankful for little Kaiya.