Monday, April 28, 2008


As you might know...I have gotten caught up in the "BPA" freak out. We have gotten new bottles for Kena and are keeping our Avent ones incase there is some sort of a lawsuit. Adam and I both went back and forth about the bottles, until we went to Babiesrus and found that Avent bottles were not selling and the "Nuby" bottles are much more cost affective than we thought. For a set of three colorful bottles, $8.00, compared to $15 for a set of three Avent. UGH!! Why didn't we know about this sooner!

So, we are not going completely 'green' but we think little changes in our lifes can make a world of difference. We would love to buy those biodegradable diapers, but they are just so expensive. So we are trying in other ways.

I have found two websites/ actually blogs that I like to check to see what they have.

Z Recommends -
Safe Mama (thanks Melissa!) -

Mamas out there, let me know if you guys have favorite sites or blogs to better understand all those crazy baby products!

Monkey Kisses,
Sara and Makena