Sunday, April 20, 2008

Makena...8 months where does the time go?

So I will post pictures later....I guess I am too lazy to actually plug in the cord and 'download' the pictures!

We have had a hard weektwo weeks ago. Kena was sick with the flu (throwing up) so she spent 3 days sleeping on mommy or daddy or grandma when she came up for the day (thank GOD she was available!). After Many, MANY loads of laundry, quite a few diapers and no sleep...she is doing much better. Earlier this week is when she started to feel better. Of course this morning I noticed she has her dry skin patch again on her forehead, which is what happens after she is sick. Poor girl has skin like her mama.

We took Kena to the doctor to have her check out her skin. We weren't afraid of allergies, but we wanted to make sure. The doctor said no worries...its just ezcema and to put cream on it. While we were there I wanted to get her weighed because we knew she was a big girl. We were right....19 lbs and 9 ounces. Keep in mind, Kena had the flu, so she hadn't been eatting She weighs more than her 11 month old cousin and her 13 month friend Riley. Atta girl, loves her food.

I have also started to make her own food (which I don't remember if I have mentioned). It is so much easier than I thought! I normally just crank the tunes while she is asleep and make about one to two weeks worth of food. I then sometime mix it with 'regular' baby food. We mainly chose to make her own because the price of baby food has gone up so much. I didn't get to nurse her very long and it was hard for me. But this has helped me with overcoming that, since now its my 'special' mommy thing I get to do for her and her only! Her favorite lately is avocados!

She now has her third tooth (we found last Thursday) and might be working on another one.