Saturday, April 18, 2009

The BIG A has hit...

And what I mean by the BIG A?? Allergies!

Spring has arrived, which means that I am 'drugged' 50% of the time. Each year once fall hits I completely forget about allergies, taking OTC drugs that you are only allowed to take "one every 24 hours" and feeling like I have crusties in my eyes all the time. And if you know me, crusties in the eye is my biggest pet peeve. The worse of my allergies that I remember is when I was super pregnant, July 4th 2007. I was literally days away from our arrival, or what I thought (Kena came a week late on August 4th). At our house we have a tradition to throw a HUGE block party on the 4th. Pretty much our road is shut down, bqqs are out and we have a great time. All I remember is that I could barely see out of my droopy, watery, crusty eyes. I was constantly sneezing and frankly...because I was pregnant...couldn't do a darn thing. Well, actually I could do a darn thing-grin and bare it. Of course, I being the perfect hostess (ahem, not really) I let anyone with in a earshot know how misserable I was. Ask Adam, he remembers.

To be honest, I never grew up with allergies, or at least I don't remember. It was when I moved out to Lake Stevens then to Bothell that I had allergies, crazy huh? So there was many fond memories of Spring and Summer in my past.

Here's to praying (sneeze, sneeze, sneeze-literally right now!) that Kena doesn't get them also...


Kjerste said...

Mine are just beginning to pick up again. Darn.

Oh, and I'm not just a grin and bear it type of person. Darn for everyone else!