Friday, April 3, 2009

Have you ever....

...Fabreze your child?

Ok, so as some of you know, I had a barfing child yesterday. Barfed all over her nice, bright, clean carseat cover. After the barf, I rushed Kena inside layed her into bed (because I had to contain if any more barfing were to follow), rushed back outside to clean up the...mess. Oh, forgot to tell you, Kena...had yogurt and milk for breakfast. I cleaned up with babywipes (moms, we all know how amazing they are) and towels. Feeling pretty good about my clean up job, I rushed back inside to tend to me child. For the rest of the day forgot about the milky barf that was or wasn't sitting in the carseat.

Most of you know, I suck at cleaning. And I also kind of forget about things. So the next morning, Kena was doing better so we resumed our outing from yesterday. Off to Woodinville for a little shopping. Kena needed a sweater and shoes for her Easter dress. I took shower, got Kena dressed, even strigten my hair. Grabbed my bag, remembered my camera (just in case), snacks for Kena and was out the door in perfect timing. So proud of myself, got into the car and...sniff, sniff...oh crap. The barf. It wasn't cleaned as well as I thought. But, once I have something in my mind, I don't turn back. So Kena, (sweet, sweet Kena) sat in the smelly carseat (to my defense-it didn't look like it was nasty.) On our way to the consignment shop I decided to stop by target, look for somethings and purchase some fabreze for the carseat. My idea was to at least spray it, save the trip and wash the cover at home tonight.

Got Kena out, put in her the cart and the smell was still lingering. You have GOT to me kidding me. Score one for me. I am not going to win mother of the day award (thats ok, I won it yesterday for letting my child throw up on me). We didn't even make it into the store yet and she started crying. Not the full blown-out cry, just that consent whinning crying. I rolled my eyes and continued on. Grabbed my few things, couldn't find shoes/sweater for Kena (crap) and grabbed of the "lavender fabreze".

Ok, let me say this...I DID NOT fabreze my child. Kids don't have things to spray on them to make them not smell nasty. Sometimes I wish they did. Although, Kena's nautral smell is the yummiest around, the smell of barf outreached natural. While Kena sat in the front seat, I sprayed/sprayed/sprayed the carseat. Waited a few minutes then safely buckeled in Kena. We did our shopping and I felt like the smell was starting to disappear.
We made it over the 520 bridge (which gives me major axinety) and over to Adam's work for lunch. Adam got in the car and said "WOW, its smells like vomit". Awesome, know I am just immune to the smell, or am I starting to smell like yogurt/milk barf?

We had a great lunch at Ivars (of course seafood!), Adam cuddled with Kena-he said he didn't smell barf, but fabreze.
Just want to clarify...I DID NOT SPRAY MY CHILD!


Kjerste said...

Thanks for the awesome post! I laughed my way through the whole thing! You have such a great mommy sense of humor! It can be so hard not to let days like that get to you. Thanks for sharing! :)