Thursday, April 2, 2009

We are more than blessed.

Do you ever sit down and think "oh my gosh, we are so blessed!". I don't think I do it enough in a day. Yes today, my child threw up all over her carseat, then once inside threw up all over me. But those thing are so small to what we really do have. I have an amazing family. Beyond the support and love, I am blesssed with more than I can say or write. My child is healthy, happy and here with us. There is just nothing like your little girl, curled up in your arms. Or sitting watching me getting ready for the day and wanting to brush her hair (all three hairs). She has her moments, like an incredibly embrassing meltdown at the outlet mall (which resulted in a time out in the food court. I saw it on supernanny-it didn't work). But those moments are small compared to her smile, chubby cheeks and warm hugs. My husband is healthy, happy and here with us. He works so hard for our family so that I can stay home with Makena, a dream that a lot of women can only dream. He listens to me, comes home to a crying mess and gives me a hug. I've always said it takes a special man to be a daddy of a little girl and God knew exactly what He was doing. Adam might kill me for writing this but, he even plays dress up with Kena. I mean purse, tea cup in hand and scarf around the neck. Then will play indoor soccer to make sure she is well rounded.

It amazing the things I forget about it and need to be thankful for. So what are your blessings? must tend to that throwing up child! The things we do out of love.


Becca said...

Amen! At the end of every day when I think back on what did or didn't get done, I have to remember how grateful I am for my husband and son. Life really is good, as long as you have your family close.

Kjerste said...

Amen to that! Every time I feel like my day has been so crappy, I remember how thankful I am that I am dealing with the crap my kids throw me, instead of a boss/co-workers. I love my babies (both of them!), and wouldn't trade this experience for the world! How many other women long for children, and aren't blessed with them? Or finally have children, only to work demanding careers and miss so many special moments. We are so blessed!