Monday, April 20, 2009

Observations at Barnes and Noble...

..Sorry folks, this was written about last week. I am lazy and it sat as a "draft" for almost a week...

Sunday I desprately jumped at the chance to get away from my house, my Kena, and my adam to take a trip to the bookstore. Adam took Kena to Lowes for a lawn mover blade and I took a long hot shower and 'got ready' for the day. Next, I hopped into Adam's car (which for some reason is difficult for a shorty like me to drive) and drove to the local Barnes and Noble. It was a pretty day (not beautiful) so I rolled down the window and breathed in the toxic allegien air.

I knew I wasn't going to buy anything. To be honest I just wanted to read a few pages for a book I have on hold at the library "I cried and it sucked: How I had a baby, a breakdown and a much needed margarita" by Heather Anderson over at It was located in the parenting section (ha!), so I walked by the 'newly pregnant' couple. Her huddled on the ground with a HUGE book and him standing over her with "the EVERYTHING about Fatherhood book". I am guessing by the size of her book it was pregnancy week by week. She wasn't showing, so I am guessing this is a newly known. They didn't looked stressed or unnessarily happy either. You all remember...oh CRAP, this is for real? Of course you say that after the cheers of pure joy (or hyperventating like myself).

With how they were BOTH looking, I knew they weren't buying the book for their neighbors.

For some odd reason, I just wanted to go up to them and sliently say "its going to be ok".

I remember the overwhelming joy, yet anxiety with our impending arrival. I too bought the books, studied them like I was in school and then shortly after that forgot about them (collected some dust). Thankfully I passed the final test (or what I think is passing). Reading the pregnancy books helped me, but the raising your children books were a little hard to grasp for me. I stopped reading shortly after a few months, Kena is turning out just fine. She has her moments, which then I in turn want to call my mom and appologize for how I acted as a kid. "What on earth am I going to do with you???" I feel like asking Kena. Luckily we haven't any moments that involved a burning candle or my make up or a roll of toliet paper (not all together of course). But as of recently her favorite thing to do is to dump her snack on the floor. Want to know what her snack normally is (what is asked for)..cereal, corn flakes. Yup, crunched up corn flakes on my the bottom of my feet, sounds nice huh? Or taking all of the books out of the bookshelf. That kid needs to start earning her keep around here!
Ok, totally side tracked there. But those were one of my observations at Barnes and Nobles.