Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tid Bits...

So a few tid bits from the Cross' household....

-Kena called me 'Yoko Uno' the other day. Yes really. She yelled something to the affect of "Yoko Uno" while looking at me. Adam and I turned to each other and asked "did she just call me/you Yoko Uno??" I appologize for breaking up the beatles.

Kena loves singing the wheels on the bus. Today she wanted to the crying baby part. We did and once she finished she covered face, turned around started walking and RAN RIGHT INTO THE WALL. She turned, looked at us, and then continued on. Adam and I thought it was joke. We laughed and I fell off the couch it was so funny. Its not child abuse if its funny right?

-While listening to my music today, "Queens of the Stonage" is on my playlist with a song called "sick, sick, sick". Kena was taking a bath when the song was playing from the family room. The song goes "sick, sick, sick" and sweet little Kena in the bathtub sang "SIC, SIC, SIC" along with the song.

-While sitting for a family dinner one night at our dinning room table with a nice home cooked meal...oh shoot, thats right I need to be honest. Ok, we were lazy one night and had dinner in the family room. That dinner consisted of mac and cheese or something like that. While we were eatting Kena lifted her finger...she had something on it...what on earth was it. So Adam got up from the couch to see (I was thinking it was cheese maybe), looked at it then smelled it (right then I should have known). Kena put her hand in the back of her diaper and picked some squish poop out for dinner. Yummy right?

-After 'creative time' at our house it was bath time. I let Kena play with markers (not always the wisest choice, but I don't care), so her clothes took a toll-mainly the tan colored pants. So I took off her clothes and saw blue pen marks on her butt...but no pen marks on the back of her pants. Yes my child, took her pen and drew on her butt.

-One of the most recent battles is that Kena wants to take lovey with her into the bath. If we take lovey away that means she screams during the whole bath time. Well dada isn't home and I wanted to score some mommy points-showing dada that I can get Kena to learn her lesson. It freak'n blew up in my face. She LOVED THE WET LOVEY. One point Kena.


Derek said...

Thanks for a little humor to brighten my day! We're all sick right now, and life is feeling far from funny. Hope you all are doing well!

Oh, and 'creative time'? How awesome is that? I think we need to start that, too! You are so inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Sorry. That was me!

- Kjerste