Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blogs I read (stalk)...

Be prepared. I apparently have no life what so ever and rather read blogs. For some reason I love that I get to 'peek' into someone else's life for a little bit. Some of these blogs are on my 'ticker' on my yahoo homepage, some are in my favorites, some...sadly I have memorized the url. When it comes to blogs, I am a freak. I really enjoy learning about others, blame it on my interest in sociology (if you don't know already, I was going to major in sociology in college).

I will group them into sections, so then you may understand why I read them.


http://www.theofficeladychronicles.blogspot.com/ my mom's blog, that she NEVER updates. I look forward to the day she does.

http://tylermeettaylor.blogspot.com/ my baby brother's blog. He is a talented music writer. Read his stuff, its amazing.

http://noahandolivia.blogspot.com/ Auntie Melissa's blog. Learn about my nephew and niece.

http://hudsonmack.blogspot.com/ My wonderful friend Nette's handsome boy Hudson!

http://www.andkaiyamakesthree.blogspot.com/ Kjerste and Derek Whaley's adorable family. I met Derek at SPU, where we lived in Emerson (different floors of course)

http://dandscarriere.blogspot.com/ Sarah and Dan, very dear friends of ours that have moved to Canada. Dan was Adam's real estate partner 4 years ago.

http://hopesprouts.wordpress.com/ Jen Montzingo's Blog. She is an actress and a fellow Emerson Dorm floormate (College of course!). I love reading all her adventures.

http://paperpassionpixels.blogspot.com/ Noel Culbertson's Blog. She is PROFESSIONAL scrapbooker, no kidding! And an amazing photographer...please check out her amazing pictures of her cute daughters.

http://www.neohippiemama.com/ Lacey's Blog. I graduated with Lacey from Stanwood High ohhh...8 years ago. We walked together (If my memory is correct). She has some great ideas on how to live naturally and with the earth.

http://theharrisblog.blogspot.com/ I also went to Stanwood High with Becca. We took an english class together that...I don't think we EVER learned english.

http://cancersurvivor2006.blogspot.com/ Doreen Schmidt's amazingly touching story of cancer. Her and her husband are both fighting against cancer. Hers is lung cancer although she has never smoked in her life. Please, take the time to learn about her, her family and how cancer has affect her life. There is a link to "lung tube" on her site, to watch a video about her story.

http://kristascheiphotography.blogspot.com/ A friend who is starting her own photography business. Takes amazing candids, especially of children!

http://viewsfromajavahut.blogspot.com/ Lisa's blog, my chatty friend from church and work!!

http://redmansjourney.blogspot.com/ Suzi and her family's journey with adoption (with a second adoption in the process!!)

Sites that will make you want to eat your computer screen (but please don't...):

http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/ I know I have mentioned this one before, but I seriously get a kick out of it!

http://bakerella.blogspot.com/ Home of the "Cake Pops". Great website, great photography, yummy recipes.

http://www.charmcitycakes.com/blog Yes, I love Duff over at Charm City Cakes. Their cakes are amazing!

My Celebs that I stalk:

http://dooce.com/ Heather Anderson's personal blog. She suffered postpartum depression also, which she has turned into laughs. Its a breath of fresh air when you are sick of reading the statics.

http://teresastrasser.com/blog/ Popular from a show called "while you were out" where she, Teresa Strasser was the host. However I probably hear/learned more about her when she was Adam Corolla's co-host on their morning radio show. Teresa is about to become a mom and blogs about the journey is traveling. Funny and then sometimes too real.

http://celebrity-babies.com/ I don't know why, but I do. It is fun to see how 'pregnant' the celebs get.

http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/the_soup/index.html The reason I cry on Friday nights at 10pm. Ok, its because we don't have cable anymore and I can't find episodes of the soup anywhere on the internet. Boy, do I love that Joel Mchale...and he is a local boy! Anyone remember "Almost Live"?

Getting Creative!:

http://tutusandturtles.blogspot.com/ Some really fun, creative ideas! They have an idea for an art 'area' there that I just LOVE!

Oh How I love Seattle:

http://monkeyaroundseattle.blogspot.com/ LOVE this site. First it has monkey in the title. Second its kind of a blog of all the funky happenings in Seattle. All the fun bakery openings to what was playing at the Seattle Flim Fest. I also love Matthew Porter's monkey in the logo.

http://www.merakohblog.com/ Me ra Koh is a local, yet very famous, photographer. She has a amazing story of how photography has healed past wounds. Her photos are breath taking, I am not even kidding. Oohhhh the color! I love her, well kind of motto, 'refuse to say cheese' (I will have to dig up some of my wedding photos, I think we only had like 4 posed. The rest, candids!)

A few more of my favorite sites:

ok...let me know what your favs are!


Anonymous said...

You say you have no life! Look at you with all this awesome cake decorating... and ps- I always try to get you to hang out with me... but you turn me down:( no fair stinker