Friday, June 19, 2009

Who do you stalk?

Hello fellow blog readers. I wanted to ask you all a question...Who do you stalk????

Ok...sounds creepy?

Its not meaning to. I am wondering which blogs do you 'stalk/read'. I mean, blogs that you check daily (or more than daily). And why do you stalk/read them. I am going to compile a list of my favorite blogs-and the reason(s) why I am a follower. These blogs are not nessarily on the side of this blog (look to your right). I do need to update that.

Please...tell me...who do you stalk?


Lisa said...

Hey! I am a stalker of McMommy Chronicles She is hilarious! She cracks me up with her wit and humor! Check her out!

I also read you, of course, and my friend Eve who if very talented and does a lot of Twilight based crafts/challenges. You should check her out too!

Love reading your blog! Miss you!