Monday, June 15, 2009

Random Sippy Cup Showdown...

I have a few favorite blogs. Ok, let me be honest...I have a LOT of favorite blogs. I have a 'ticker' on my yahoo page that constantly updates when the blogger updates their blog. One of my fav's is Z Recommends. Its updated by a stay at home father (actually I think they were recently mentioned in "Parents" magazine as a cool dad..or something like that) and focus on products for your children and family. He is 'green' and shows that in his posts. His recent post is called "2009 BPA Free Sippy Cup Showdown". I am not only worried about BPA, but down right afraid. I don't think all the research has come out yet and I think its going to be worse than we first thought. Its band in Canada. Once the news started talking about BPA, I was one of 'those' who reached into their cupboards and threw (or tried to return) the bottles with BPA.

Jeremiah took the time, which we really don't have, to try out all the BPA free sippy cups and then ranked them. Check out his site, it will make your life waaay easier the next time you are at target or babiesus.