Monday, June 15, 2009

Some of you might know, that my hubby is heading up our high school youth group's Water X (which is the youth's summer get-away). He is in charge of all details up to and including the ordering of the t-shirts.

Ohhh, high schoolers! You gotta love them, but they are picky!! In comes Q-Gifts Custom T-shirts( and their custom made t-shirts. My brother made an awesome 'water x' logo, which some custom t-shirt makers had a hard time with. However the folks over at q-gifts custom t-shirts made it so easy to do work with them. And about the high schoolers being picky...they have AMERICAN APPAREL t-shirts. If you don't know what american apparel is, its a super trendy/fair trade t-shirt company. Q-gifts custom t-shirts has a nice selection of colors and fitted sizes of t-shirts.

So if you are looking to buy t-shirts in bulk (all you church folks that have VBS this summer...or summer camps...or just want a bunch of t-shirts.) go ahead and check out Q-Gifts Custom t-Shirts! (we recieved a 10% discount for blogging about them...YAY!!!)