Thursday, March 6, 2008

Another day..

We have been so busy lately that I haven't had a chance to write! This weeks/weekend project was our master bedroom. We bought some fablous bedding and painted with two great colors. Adam even took the time to paint stripes on the wall!! I will post pictures soon since I am so proud of what my hubby did!

Kena has been battling eczema for the last couple of days. Yesterday the only thing that helped her was being only in a diaper...unless she just really wanted to be nudie (I think she just wanted to be nudie!). I think it bothers me more since I don't want any discomfort on her. I have decided to try all natural products to see if it helps. I guess it can just be the weather changing, since I have been getting spots also....

Well, little one is ready for a nap!


Office Lady said...

I LOVE the current picture you have of Makena as the default. I think I would LOVE that picture on my desk at work. *hint*

Also, hurry up and post pictures of your wall!! I don't think we'll get down there for a week or two because now I have the upper-respiratory thing from work....