Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Part One...

I have to admit, I have the cutest girl ever (sorry friends and family with girls!). I promise to post pictures after Sunday, but Kena wore her Easter dress today and she was beautiful. We did try it on her the other night and I almost cried. Her dress was perfect for her, her little shoes, everything!

Today we had my family over for Easter and we went to our Church's Easter egghunt. Kena of course didn't get any eggs, we just went there to show her off! Then we came home, the Easter Bunny had visited and Kena got to look in her easter basket! Boy did that bunny spoil her! Probably the most exciting thing for her was her new Curious George DVD from G'pa! G'ma gave Kena little peeps stuff animals (thank you!!! Gotta pass on the tradition!). We had a great day which ended with Kena being up for over 4 hours and taking, so far a 2 1/2 hour nap!

I know once she wakes up we will have to watch the George dvd (I guess I can turn off basketball)!

Until tomorrow...
Happy Easter!!! He has Risen!!