Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I have a Makena permently attached to my lap...

I am not sure WHAT is going on with this little girl, but its seems the best place for her is in my lap. As I write this Kena is sitting in my lap (passing toots mind you), rubbing her head against the fireplace guard and spitting. She keeps on taking her binky out of her mouth, then putting it back. Tugging at my sweatshirt and grunting. Kena's new thing for the past couple of days is grunting, I mean like a man after a couple of beers grunting. Ok I just did what I tell people I don't do... I just popped in a video for her to watch, to let my lap have a rest. And NOW she is not crying! I feel horrible about it, but really I am sure she will understand.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE let finding comfort in me, but then I really can't get anything done. I know, I need to enjoy these times. "So Sara relax! Enjoy!" I am sure you are all thinking. Ok, you are right!

We had a very busy weekend, which led into a busy work week. I will have pictures of Kena's first "race" tomorrow. Adam ran with the jogger in the St.Patty's day run on Sunday and of course like every year we had a blast! I love spending that time with my family and cheering racers on. If you haven't been to a sporting event with my family, watch out! G'pa Cutforth gave her an aligator, Ali, that haven't been away from her since.

I will post pictures tomorrow, I think I will finish my laundry, put Kena to bed and watch "dancing with the stars".


Kjerste said...

I wish Kaiya was so cuddly! She just always wants to be on the move! Enjoy those moments. :)


We need some new pictures of Kena girl posted!