Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A song..

So this little song is on a movie called "Knocked Up" which, as inapporiate as is it, is hilarous. And if you have had a child you know exactly what Alison, the main character went through. Anyhoo, they have a great song at the very end of the moive that describes perfectly the relationship between a daughter and father.

Last night, Adam was putting Kena to bed, but before that Kena came out to mommy to say goodnight in the living room. I said 'goodnight' gave her three kisses and let Adam put her to bed. Right as Adam and Kena was leaving the room I looked up to see them leave and I saw what made me think of this song. Adam, the manly man, had Kena in girly polkadot jammies, her lovey blanket tucked between the two of them and Molly the Dolly under his chin. It was really a cute sight...

Here is the song:

Loudon Wainwright Iii - Daughter

Everything she sees she says she wants.
Everything she wants I see she gets.
That's my daughter in the water everything she owns I bought her.
Everything she owns.
That's my daughter in the water, everything she knows I taught her.
Everything she knows.
Everything I say she takes to heart.
Everything she takes she takes apart.
That's my daughter in the water every time she fell I caught her.
Every time she fell.
That's my daughter in the water, I lost every time I fought her.
I lost every time.
Every time she blinks she strikes somebody blind.
Everything she thinks blows her tiny mind.
That's my daughter in the water, who'd have ever thought her?
Who'd have ever thought?
That's my daughter in the water, I lost everytime I fought her Yea, I lost every time.