Monday, March 10, 2008


I am not quite sure what to title this blog. Nothing clever, just a little bit about our weekend.

We had a whole day in Seattle on Saturday. Baby Kena, Adam and I stopped at our 'old stomping grounds' or what I like to call 'the city where mommy and daddy fell in love' (adam hates that.). Starting off at Westlake, then a walk down to busy Pikes where we found out why we shouldn't have brought the stroller. Kena was a trooper! She loved looking around at all the people and sites. My absolute favorite part of the day was when we were at the original Starbucks at Pikes. There are these three lovely old men that sing there (I think they are always the same group) they sang 'the boardwalk' and Kena danced in her stroller. When the men stopped they of course waved at Kena, being the about the cutest baby. While we walked through Pike's Adam let me know which business he sold seafood to, interesting! After Pike's we did the long walk up to Pacific Place Mall where we parked. While we did our last of our 'window shopping' I decided to take Kena out of the stroller for a little break. BIG MISTAKE, yup, her diaper was completely full and had leaked on the seat its self. We pretty much just rolled our eyes and I took her to the bathroom to do the quick change. That was our sign to head home.

Sunday was our normal day of chores and church!

Today Kena got to play with her cousin's Noah and Olivia. She had a blast! Kena's personality is really coming through, it awesome!