Sunday, March 2, 2008

A quick website plug...

I have to do a quick website plug. My mom got me hooked on this website when she order Kena 'monkey hair rubberbands'. I am sure many have heard of it, but I have to say, its one of my favorites:
Its all handmade products and you can some funky stuff on there. I like to take my time at night while Kena is asleep and shop a little bit. Its kinda hippy like, but to be honest, I am kinda hippy. I am going to order some legwarmers for Kena's easter basket.

That brings me to another favorite of mine. A dear friend Whitney bought Kena 'babylegs' which are baby legwarmers and they are the best thing alive! On warm days I just put her in a onesie, a pair of babylegs and let her go crazy! They are awesome of those babies that are learning to move around, but its still cold for their little legs. If you haven't seen them before, google it, they are awesome!

One more plug....We have found much success with Burts Bees Apricot Oil for baby! Kena has dry skin and we put a few drops in her bath and its awesome. We are also trying the Burts Bees shampoo and body wash. I am trying to use more natural stuff on our family, just trying to do our part!

Sorry...long blog, but a quick one!


The Friedrichs said...

You'll have to give me the name and info of the woman who made Kena's "lovey"... Olivia wanted Kena's so bad and I love it!!!!