Saturday, March 1, 2008

Busy days...

Hey Friends!
On Thursday morning Kena and I went to pick up her new blankets from our friend Suzi. Suzi is making these 'minky' blankets to earn money for adopting a baby boy in Africa. I am all about adopting, so to support her I bought Kena two 'lovey' sized blankets. And I have to tell you I can't tear the lovey away from her! She LOVES it!! I bought two, one for the house and one for travel, just in case one gets lost. We got the green one below, they are soooooooo cute and for a good cause. So I wanted to plug them, please let me know if you are interested! They are great as gifts and for your little ones! As I write this Makena is asleep, with it tightly in her hands!

We offically think Kena is a big girl now. Adam and I bought her a 'converted' car seat, so it will go up to 65 pounds. We decided to go to the outlet malls (also to go to Carters to buy her more onesies) to try out the carseat. She LOVED it!!!! We bought the Britax and of course in a girly color, yellow with flowers. We decided when the time comes, if we have another one she will still be in this carseat so might as well make it girly for her! She had a great time and fell asleep in it also! We just can't believe how big she is now!! Its unbelieveable!

Kena has calmed down since her teething and now just coughing and still has the runny nose. She is sleeping through the night again (thank goodness) so its going way better now!

Will give you more pictures soon!


The Redman's said...

Hey- thanks for the plug!!! Glad to hear Makena loves her lovie!!! :)