Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Sweet Makena with G'ma!
Kena loves her daddy!
Look at those arms.
This is my favorite!
Cousin Olivia and Makena in their Easter Dresses!
"Wait I want to play with you" Says Makena
Mommy adores her!
Uncle Tyler and Makena having a staring contest.
Might as well end the day nudie!
We had a very busy weekend and are still recovering (ok, maybe I am more than the others!).
I wanted to say "Congrats!!" to Adam for a VERY large sale of Crab today at work! We are sooo proud of him!


Kjerste said...

This is too weird, Sarah! I had both those adorable dresses in hand at the Carters outlet the other day. I ended up only buying the one your niece is wearing because I couldn't justify getting both! Still wish I'd bought the adorable pink one, too! Anyways, in the end, Kaiya wore my baby easter dress, so we're saving the poka-dot dress for this summer. Cute, cute pictures! Congrats to Adam!